House Rules

The following House Rules have been approved by the Board of Directors. The rules are designed to give the greatest enjoyment and pleasure to the majority of Club Members. Observance by all is requested in order that careless or thoughtless acts may not impose upon the rights of others. Infractions should be referred to the House Committee or the General Manager.

  1. Club members and their family members are entitled to Club privileges as outlined in the Club Bylaws, Article IV, Section 10.
    • “Section 10: Family Privileges: A member’s spouse is entitled to the same privileges as the member enjoys. Members’ unmarried children to the age of twenty-one (21), or to the age of twenty-five (25) years who are attending college on a full-time basis and living either in the family home or at or about the college campus during the college term, are entitled to the same privileges as their member parent. Where a member has living with him and dependent upon him for financial support, an immediate member of his family other than his spouse or children, the Board may grant such persons such privileges of the Club for such period and under such restrictions as the Board may, in its discretion choose, and provide that any such privileges granted may be changed or withdrawn by the Board at any time. The enjoyment of family privileges by any person entitled thereto pursuant to this Section is subject to such rules as may be adopted by the Board.”‚Äč
  2.  Dress Code: The following dress code has been approved by the Board of Directors for Members, guests and children ages ten and older. The rules are designed to give greatest enjoyment and pleasure to the majority of Club members and observance by all is requested in order that careless or neglectful individuals may not impose upon the rights of others. Infractions should be referred to the House Committee or to the General Manager and it is the discretion of the Board of Directors and Management to restrict golf play or dining to any member or guest in violation of the dress code policy.
    • General Policy
      • All attire must be in good repair (no holes, rips, tears or fraying).
    • Inside Clubhouse, Patio & Restaurants: 
      • Footwear required
      • Denim Permitted
      • Country Club Casual
    • Men's Golf Attire
      • Golf or Athletic Footwear
      • Hats/Visors
      • Slacks, Pants or dark denim
      • Shorts with length to the mid-thigh
      • Sweaters
      • Collared Shirts | Includes mock neck golf shirts with a collar length of greater than ½ inch in length
      • Shirts with short or long sleeves | sleeveless is not permitted
    • Women's Golf Attire
      • Golf or Athletic Footwear
      • Hats/Visors
      • Capris, slacks, pants or dark denim
      • Shorts and skorts with length to the mid-thigh
      • Sweaters
      • Short and Long Sleeve Shirts with or without a collar
      • Sleeveless shirts with a collar
    • Unacceptable Attire
      • Blue Jeans | Allowed only in the Clubhouse
      • Tank Tops, Halter Tops, Midriff Tops
      • T-Shirts of any kind, cotton, golf-related, billboard, etc.
      • Swim Suits or Swim Attire
      • Gym & Workout Attire
    • Lingerie and undergarments, for both men and women, are not to be exposed at any time.
    • Special Events may have a specific dress code, please inquire with staff for the dress code to a particular event.
  3. All guests must be accompanied by a member when on Club premises unless prior approval has been given by management. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests at all times.
  4. All guests must be accompanied by a member when on Club premises unless prior approval has been given by management. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests at all times.
  5. Children under the age of sixteen (16) years will not be admitted to any portion of the locker rooms unless accompanied by an adult member at all times.
  6. Persons under the age of twenty-one (21) years may not enter the Bar. Under no circumstances will minors be served or allowed to consume alcoholic beverages on any part of the Club property.
  7. Club property lost or destroyed by a member, a member of his/her family or a guest must be replaced or paid for by the member.
  8. Alcoholic beverages must be served by a Club employee and purchased from the Bar or portable bar service as may be available. No alcoholic beverages are permitted in lockers. Any member or guest may be denied further bar service at the discretion of the bartender or Manager on duty.
  9.  Automobiles must be parked in marked spaces only. The north end of the parking lot nearest the Golf Shop shall be reserved for self-parking. The remainder of the parking lot may be used for valet parking. Any violations may result in the improperly parked car being towed away.
  10. The Club reserves the right to deny or rescind Club privileges to members or guests and to absolutely exclude any person under the influence of alcoholic beverages or other substances. Violations of these rules or boisterous or offensive conduct shall be grounds for temporary expulsion of any person from the Club premises, at the direction of management or under direction of a member of the House Committee.
  11. Effective December 27, 2006, Smoking is not permitted in any area of the clubhouse including the Main Bar and Card Rooms. Members and their guests will only be permitted to smoke on the outside of the building. The designated smoking areas are on the rear patios of the clubhouse and where ash tray bins are located.
  12. As a courtesy to fellow members, the use of cellular telephones on Club property including use in the Clubhouse and on the Golf Course is permitted provided the cell phones are placed on “vibrate” or “silent mode” while on Club property.
  13. Card Play shall be restricted to the Men’s and Ladies’ Card Rooms. Organized Club Bridge, Tuesday Night Couples Bridge and Wednesday Ladies’ Bridge, shall be played in the room designed by Club Management. Card Play in the Main Bar shall be restricted to designated tables and at the discretion of Club Management who may restrict play to accommodate other members’ use of the table for food and/or beverage use.

General Rules

  1. Cancellation Policy: Notices of special Club events will specify that reservations are required. Cancellations received at the Club Business Office the day prior to and the day of the event will be billed as reserved.
  2. Charges: Each charge form must be signed. Family members will be allowed to sign for charges unless notice to the contrary is given, in writing, to the General Manager. All charges made to a member’s account shall be the responsibility of the member. The Bylaws provide serious sanctions including expulsion for delinquency.
  3. Telephones: Members may place outgoing telephone calls through the Club switchboard or by direct dialing (local calls only).
  4. Employees: Employees of the Club are not to be reprimanded by any member or guest. Complaints or suggestions are to be made in writing to the General Manager or the Board of Directors. Members shall not ask employees to perform work that may be considered to be of a personal nature and not in keeping with the services generally rendered to all members. Members shall not send employees on errands outside the Club grounds.
  5. Pets: No pets will be permitted anywhere on the premises.
  6. Lost Property: The Club will not be responsible for the loss of or damage to, property left or kept by members or guests in the Clubhouse, lockers, cloakrooms or elsewhere on the Club premises, nor will it be responsible for errors or mistakes of Club employees or for the loss or damage to property entrusted to them. Personal locks shall not be placed on Club lockers. The Club does not carry insurance on the golf equipment of Members or guests anywhere on the Club’s premises, including the Storage Room and Golf Shop and assumes no responsibility for any loss.
  7. House Rules: All Club activities pertaining to the Clubhouse shall be the concern of the General Manager and House Committee, to whom all inquiries and complaints should be directed.
  8. Improper Conduct: The General Manager shall have the power to evict from the Club premises any person whose conduct is disorderly or contrary to the best interests of the Club.
  9. Soliciting: Members may not solicit contributions at the Club nor sell tickets for charitable or other affairs to be conducted at the Club unless written permission is first obtained from the Board of Directors.
  10. Sexual Harassment Policy: We are committed to maintain an environment free of sexual harassment. Such harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances, either verbal or physical, between members or members and Club employees. If a member or employee feels they are being sexually harassed, they should immediately report it to the Board of Directors or General Manager as appropriate. A prompt and confidential investigation will be conducted by the Board of Directors or General Manager. Fair consideration will be given to all facts presented. The investigation and actions taken will be reviewed by the Board of Directors. Sexual harassment will result in disciplinary action to the offender. This applies to both members and employees. Any person who retaliates against or intimidates someone making a complaint will be subject to disciplinary action.
  11. Enforcement: As provided in the Bylaws, a member may be suspended, his or her membership terminated, or his or her privileges to use the Club’s facilities limited for violation of these rules. The General Manager and House Committee are charged with the enforcement of the Rules. Violations, together with recommendations for penalties, may be referred to the Board for appropriate action.
  12. Service Fee: An automatic service charge of 18% added to all food and beverage purchases. For special member events, a service charge of 20% will be charged. A 20% service charge will also be added to all private catering.
  13. Outside Food and Beverage: No outside food and beverage is permitted on club premises, golf course or clubhouse, unless approved by management.
  14.  Additional Rules: Additional rules applicable to any Club facility may be posted at the facility.

Code of Conduct


The purpose of a Code of Conduct (or guide) for appropriate behavior on the golf course is specifically intended to make your golf course experience and the interaction with fellow club members most enjoyable. The desired outcome is to:
  1. Promote sportsmanship amongst competitors.

  2. Enhance personal and group enjoyment while playing.

  3. Maintain standards of behavior commensurate with the quality of experience desired.

  4. Help maintain course conditions and pace of play pursuant to Spanish Trail guidelines.

In order to enrich the golfing experience for current and future members, we MUST adhere to a proper code of conduct. Violations of the Code of Conduct taint the GOLF EXPERIENCE leading to membership displeasure and a decline in course reputation. Following the Code of Conduct, leads to membership satisfaction, recruitment, and retention.

While it is understood that golfers do not wish to be distracted from their enjoyment of golf by monitoring other players, it is an unwritten rule that golfers police themselves. Staff will enforce the rules as seen and reported, but the most effective efforts to enforce the rules are those made among peers on the course. To the extent that each member assumes personal responsibility for his/her conduct, as well as his/her fellow competitors while on the course, the entire golf experience for all members will be enhanced.

To this end, please review the following rules that constitute the “Code of Conduct” for Spanish Trail Golf and Country Club.